Advantages of the FIA

The advantage of FIA method lies in the constant flow. This allows you to:

  • Measure many samples in a short time without stopping the measurements accuracy

  • Use an environmentally friendly method because it requires only small amounts of reagents

  • Save costs due to relatively small amounts of reagents and simple apparatus

The method is also even more effective and inexpensive after collecting data with a digital computer connected to the system.

The FIA system is available in different variants, depending on the purpose of the apparatus. FIA is used often, for example, as an analytical tool for determining samples containing several different specific substances that are separated in the system. FIA is also often used for variants in which there is a chemical reaction inside the flow because this technique allows analysis of chemical reactions.

The speed of these analyzes range from 10-30 seconds per sample. The method is widely used in laboratories analyzing water samples, soil samples, environmental assessment, pharmacological analysis and many other things.

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