Industrial Applications of Electrolysis

Electrolysis is used in industry for a wide range of applications. Although the individual setups of the electrolytic cell may differ for each of these applications, the core process is still the same.

Extracting and refining of metals

Electrolysis can be used to extract metal from its ore. This process is used for metal ores containing metals such as aluminium and sodium. Also, electrolysis can be used to refine metals such as copper.

Production of chemicals

The chemical reactions in electrolysis can produce useful chemicals. For example, electrolysis of sodium chloride solution, also known as brine, can produce sodium hydroxide, hydrogen, and chlorine. These chemicals have a variety of uses in manufacturing and other applications. Another example of this application is the electrolysis of water to produce hydrogen and oxygen.


Electroplating is the process of coating an object in metal. This process can be used to give an object a decorative finish, protect the object from corrosion, or give an object new material properties. Electroplating is used in the creation of jewelry, kitchen utensils, automotive parts, and components in electrical circuits.