Fire emergency

If there is a fire in the lab make sure you follow these steps:

  1. Keep calm and assess the situation:

  2. If the fire is very small, such as a liquid in a flask that catches fire, try to extinguish it by smothering it with a lid.

  3. If the fire is out of control, ensure the safety of everybody in close vicinity of the fire.

  4. Raise the fire alarm and press the circuit breaker to turn off all machines in the lab.

  5. If you are trained in the use of fire equipment and it is safe to do so, attempt to extinguish the fire. If the fire is out of control, evacuate immediately.

What to do when people are on fire? The most effective way to extinguish burning clothes is by rolling on the floor. Never wrap a fire blanket around a standing person because it can create a chimney effect and burn the person's face. If the safety shower is close, use it to extinguish the flames and cool the burns.

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