Abdominal region: From the diaphragm to the pelvis

Anterior: Toward the front

Appendicular region: Limbs

Axial region: Head, neck, and trunk

Cephalic region: Head

Cervical region: Neck

Deep: Away from the surface

Distal: Further from the site of attachment

Dorsal: Toward the back

Inferior (Caudal): Away from the head

Lateral: Away from the midline of the body

Lower extremities: Legs

Manis: Hands

Medial: Toward the midline of the body

Pedal: Feet

Pelvic region: Pelvis

Posterior: Toward the back/buttocks

Proximal: Closer to the site of attachment

Pubic region: Lower part of the abdomen

Superficial: Closest to the surface

Superior (Cranial): Toward the head

Thoracic region: From neck to diaphragm

Upper extremities: Arms

Ventral: Toward the belly