Hazard Symbols

The workplace hazard symbols are easily understandable pictograms that enable you to quickly identify a hazard. They form part of the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS).

Eight black and white symbols of hazards in 8 red diamonds. Flammable symbol is fire over horizontal line. Compressed gas symbol is a gas canister. Corrosive symbol is two horizontal test tubes dripping liquid, one drop causes part of a thick black line to be eroded, the other test tube is dripping onto and damaging a hand. Oxidizing symbol is an empty circle on fire on top of a horizontal black line. Harmful symbol is an exclamation mark. Health hazard is a white star shape in a human silhouette. Toxic symbol is skull and crossed bones. Explosive symbol is a solid black circle exploding.

Figure 1: Hazard pictograms and their meanings.

The GHS chemical hazard pictograms are intended to provide the basis for or to replace national systems of hazard pictograms.

There are also alternative hazard symbols, such as the fire diamond, which is used for hazard labeling in the USA.