Lab safety practices

Eating, drinking, smoking and storing food and drink in the laboratory is not permitted.

You should ensure that you wear clothes that cover your entire body. This includes closed shoes and long pants. Avoid loose sleeves and tie back long hair, it might obstruct you and can be dangerous when working around a flame.

Only bring the things that you need into the lab. Leave all personal items such as backpacks, purses or jackets outside, so they don't become contaminated. This also applies for jewelry or watches. Make sure you do not contaminate light switches, door knobs and especially your smartphone. Keep your hands clean and your nails short, and make sure you wash your hands before leaving the lab.

Make sure you always wear appropriate personal protective equipment for the task at hand.

The lab room should be kept clean and tidy and all emergency exits should be clear. Never place reagents on the floor. Chemicals need to be stored in appropriate cabinets to avoid accidents.

Keep your workbench tidy and remove all the items that are not needed.

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