SECTION 7: Handling and storage

7.1. Precautions for safe handling

Precautions for safe handling : Comply with the legal requirements. Remove contaminated clothing immediately. Clean contaminated clothing. Handle uncleaned empty containers as full ones. Thoroughly clean/dry the installation before use. Do not discharge the waste into the drain. Do not use compressed air for pumping over. Use spark-/explosionproof appliances and lighting system. Take precautions against electrostatic charges. Keep away from naked flames/heat. Keep away from ignition sources/sparks. Observe strict hygiene. Keep container tightly closed. Measure the concentration in the air regularly. Work under local exhaust/ventilation.

Hygiene measures : Do not eat, drink or smoke when using this product. Wash hands and other exposed areas with mild soap and water before eating, drinking or smoking and when leaving work. Wash contaminated clothing before reuse.

7.2. Conditions for safe storage, including any incompatibilities

Incompatible products : Strong oxidizers. Strong bases. Strong acids. Acid anhydrides. Acid chlorides.

Incompatible materials : Direct sunlight. Heat sources. Sources of ignition.

Heat and ignition sources : KEEP SUBSTANCE AWAY FROM: heat sources. ignition sources.

Prohibitions on mixed storage : KEEP SUBSTANCE AWAY FROM: combustible materials. oxidizing agents. (strong) acids. (strong) bases. halogens. amines. water/moisture.

Storage area : Store at room temperature. Keep out of direct sunlight. Store in a dry area. Keep container in a well-ventilated place. Fireproof storeroom. Keep locked up. Provide for a tub to collect spills. Provide the tank with earthing. Unauthorized persons are not admitted. Aboveground. Meet the legal requirements.

Special rules on packaging : SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: closing. dry. clean. correctly labelled. meet the legal requirements. Secure fragile packagings in solid containers.

Packaging materials : SUITABLE MATERIAL: steel. stainless steel. iron. glass. MATERIAL TO AVOID: lead. aluminium. zinc. polyethylene. PVC.

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