Personal protection equipment

Personal protection equipment (PPE) is equipment worn to minimize exposure to serious workplace injuries and illness.

Man standing straight with his hands raised slightly in white void, wearing personal protection equipment. His head and neck is covered by white hood, his body is covered by white gown going below his knees. He has fluid-resistant leg and shoe coverings, yellow oversleeves, and two layers of cyan gloves on. His mouth is covered with a mask and eyes are covered with safety goggles.

Figure 1 Laboratory protection for BSL-3. Protective clothing must have solid-front gowns, head covers, and shoe covers. Gloves are double-layered. Oversleeves and a mask are worn when necessary.

PPE is put on before the experiment begins and taken off after the experiment ends. In BSL-3, each PPE is put on and taken off in a different area:

  • Gown must be put on an taken off in anteroom;
  • Oversleeves must be put on and taken off inside the lab;
  • Overshoes must be put on in anteroom and taken off inside the lab;
  • Gloves must be put on and taken off inside the lab;
  • Second pair of gloves must be put on and taken off inside the BSC

Different PPEs must be worn in different situations. For example, gloves must be worn all the time while you are in a BSL-3 lab. However, oversleeves are only necessary when you are working with the cabinet.

*BSC = Biosafety cabinet

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