• Burette: measures the volume of an added solution accurately.
  • Bulb pipette: delivers an accurate volume of a solution.
  • Volumetric flask: makes up an accurate volume of a solution.

There are 3 glass apparatus which are used in titrations. On the left is a one hundred millimeter volumetric flask with the label A below it. In the middle is a bulb pipette with the label B below it. On the right is a burette with the label C below it.

Figure: Glass apparatus used in titration (not to scale). A: Volumetric flask; B: Bulb pipette; C: Burette

Before their use, the burette and pipette are cleaned and rinsed with the solution they will eventually contain. Rinsing with water or other solution may change the concentration of the solution that the burette and pipette will eventually contain.