Exam report

All the data from the examination are summarized here, and this is the final report we will send to Mr. Johansson's doctor:

Patient info

Age: 51

Sex: Male

Height: 171 cm

Weight: 69 kg

BSA (Body Surface Area): 1,8 m2

Final report on case Aortic Stenosis with regional wall motion abnormality:

Normally sized chambers. Normotrophic left ventricle. Left ventricular ejection fraction is mildly reduced due to the regional akinetic or hypokinetic parts of the left ventricle wall - akinetic parts anteriorly and inferiorly in the apical segments, and hypokinesia mid- anteriorly. The systolic function of the right chamber is normal.

The aortic valve is slightly sclerotic with a mild stenosis and regurgitation. The tricuspid, pulmonary and mitral valves are morphologically normal with insignificant regurgitations.

The pressure in the pulmonary artery is normal.

No pericardial effusion.