Demo Simulation

The demo simulation showcases the main elements of a LABSTER simulation, which includes conversations, quizzes, interactions, and cinematics.

In this simulation, you can:

  1. Initiate a cinematic of inside the cell by placing the petri dish on the inverted microscope stage. View it again by clicking the VR headset beside the lobster near the entrance.
  2. Increase and decrease the magnification of the electron microscopy image on the screen at the electrophoresis workbench.
  3. Open and start the centrifuge.
  4. Open the tube pack to pick a new tube. Place it in the tube rack or trash bin.
  5. Open the ice box.
  6. Use a pipette and fresh tips to take the DNA ladder and add it to the electrophoresis' well. The DNA ladder is located in the tube on the cool rack.
  7. Start the incubator shaker.
  8. Use the eyewash at the safety station.

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