Whean and Clawbrutus


Whean is a type of crop that is found on the (fictitious) planet of ASTAKOS IV.

Since this form of life didn't evolve on Earth it cannot be classified using the same taxonomic families or common groups that we use on Earth. However, Whean is a photosynthetic organism, this means that it obtains energy from light and uses it to build its own organic matter, which makes it have a similar form of life to many plants on earth.

Whean is a fast-growing organism. It can go from seedlings to fully grown in about 30 days, which together with its high nutritive capacity, makes Whean a perfect species to cultivate and feed the human population on ASTAKOS IV.


Clawbrutus is a type of organism found on the (fictitious) exoplanet ASTAKOS IV.

Clawbrutus is a photosynthetic species, which means that it uses the energy from light to obtain its own energy. However, Clawbrutus lacks the supportive structures to grow tall. This is typically not a problem as long as the species is not surrounded by taller species. When this happens, and other species block the light, Clawbrutus can use its flexible appendages to crawl on top of the other organisms and crush them, ensuring maximal access to light.

It is a very widespread species and it can tolerate very harsh conditions, however, it is commonly found growing in the Whean fields.